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USB Powered Sockets! It’s the Future!

USB Socket


It’s about time! 

MK USB sockets rated at 5VDC @ 2A.

These will power and charge anything with a USB!

Get rid of all the chargers, plugs, transformers and general charging paraphernalia!

Simple, easy to fit, USB powered sockets…it’s the future!

Supplied & fitted from as little as £45.00ea +VAT*

Smart-UPS On-Line UPS for Marine Applications

APC has expanded its product offer to include DNV Type Approved Smart-UPS Online UPS systems that address specific marine applications such as S.O.L.A.S., propulsion systems, navigation and transmission systems.  Reliable power protection for this technical equipment onboard vessels and rigs is becoming increasingly important.  APC is proud to offer a solution to the UPS needs onboard vessels and offshore platforms in 1-10kVA.

Riello UPS Extends Its Energy Saving Range of Power Systems

The Riello UPS Multi Sentry has long lead the field in energy efficient power protection. With the addition of the latest 60kVA and 80kVA modules, an even wider range of installations will be able to benefit from the energy and cost-saving potential of this industry-leading UPS system.

The Riello Multi Sentry is designed to meet the specific energy demands of high-density, high-pressure environments such as data centers and telecoms networks; maximising resilience, minimizing costs and optimizing energy efficiency. In fact, the exceptional quality of the design and technology used by Riello allow the Multi Sentry UPS to operate with an industry-leading on-line efficiency, which can provide up to a 50% saving in energy usage per annum compared to a traditional UPS.

Advanced technology to optimize efficiency

Multi Sentry is easy to install, and with single and three-phase compatibility utilising on-line double conversion technology, it is the ideal solution for sites that have limited power capacity, generators or problems with harmonics. It has zero-impact on its upstream power supply, and also acts as filter and phase-shift protection device.

The Multi Sentry range is rated as a Level 6 product on Riello’s unique Eco Energy Level Scale, achieving exceptional performance with a surprisingly small footprint of 0.4m2 – freeing up valuable floor-space. Multi Sentry also has a range of advanced battery optimisation features; extending the average working life of a battery set and reducing lifetime management costs.

Introducing the Next Generation InfraStruxure

The data centre architecture that keeps pace with your business

InfraStruxureTM is the scalable and adaptable data centre IT room architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Power, cooling, racks, security and management components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated system – as evidenced by the aesthetics, functionality and ease of management software integration. Taking a broad system view enables full realisation of the benefits of going fast, going dense and going green while ensuring your critical availability targets are met. An open system, InfraStruxureTM is the proven ‘on-demand’ architecture for data centre IT rooms small and large, delivering high availability and real energy savings whether deployed on its own, in a zone, or in incremental steps.

This new generation of InfraStruxure delivers:

Higher performance – 25 percent increase in power and cooling capacity, 15 percent smaller footprint

More scalability – as big as you want to go

Faster and easier planning through operations – automated planning and design tools with open and integrated management and operations software

More innovation and leadership – from the world’s leader in data centre physical infrastructure all while reducing cost!

APC Eco Breeze

A modular economiser that meets the future cooling and energy efficiency requirements of data centres today and tomorrow

An innovative answer to cooling challenges

Today’s data centres face unprecedented cooling challenges brought on by high-density computing. Blade servers, for example, generate risky hot spots and therefore require a highly efficient, cost-effective cooling solution to safeguard availability while also streamlining cooling costs. Cooling also presents environmental challenges. With the always-evolving ASHRAE 90.1 standard, now is the time for data centres to adopt economisation (‘free cooling’) as an innovative way to reduce energy consumption.

The EcoBreezeTM is the APC by Schneider ElectricTM answer to meeting the latest cooling and energy efficiency requirements facing today’s data centres. This innovative cooling approach employs a modular design for capacity, redundancy, and service flexibility. The efficiency of the system
is rationalised in three forms of cooling to maximise localised climate conditions to ensure the most efficient and effective form of cooling year-round. EcoBreeze employs the fully adaptable cooling of Electronically Commutated (EC) fan technology, along with an ozone friendly proportional refrigerant circuit, making it one of the most efficient forms of cooling on the market today.

Efficient and Effective Cooling

Right-sized cooling made possible by individual 50 kW modules that can be grouped up to a maximum of 200 kW and 400 kW of sensible cooling per frame

Fully adaptable cooling via EC fan technology

Efficient and effective cooling via total internal isolation of the IT airstream from the outdoor ambient airstream

Regulatory compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 recommendations and TC9.9 requirements for economisation and efficiency


Ability to address any cooling requirement worldwide via multiple module and frame voltages/frequencies

Adaptability via the integration of multiple cooling options in one module footprint: indirect evaporative, air-to-air heat exchange, and proportional direct expansion

Ability to control redundancy from the frame down to the individual module level

Flexible and Easy Installation and Servicing

Flexible and cost-effective deployment since the unit uses zero white space within the data centre

Easy installation because of a single point of connection for water, power, and communications

Adaptable installation because it can be deployed with raised or non-raised floor applications

Safe and easy capacity expansion and servicing via individual isolation of air, power, and communications between the frame and modules

Environmentally Friendly

No chemical treatment required due to an on-board water treatment system

Environmentally friendly because of zero ozone depleting proportional R410a refrigerant system


  • Reduction in CapEx results from right sizing your cooling capacity based on current load with the flexibility to expand later.
  • Built-in redundancy from modular form factor allows extra capacity to be incorporated into the system from the module level to ensure availability at the system level.
  • Modular design reduces single point of failure issues from the component to the control level.
  • The modular design prevents routine maintenance or break fix repairs from interfering with system operation.Total internal isolation of the IT airstream from the outdoor ambient airstream
  • Isolation of the airstreams prevents airborne pollutants fromentering the data centre environment.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced due to the fact that enhanced filtration requirements aren’t necessary when outside air is not being introduced into the data centre environment.
  • Operating costs are less from not needing to pre-treat the data centre air due to variations in outside air dew points associated with 100 percent outside air economisers.Two forms of economisation cooling in one footprint
  • Indirect evaporative cooling and air-to-air heat exchange in the same module allow a wider range of economisation opportunities than use of just one form of economisation.
  • Automatic selection of which form of economisation should be used based on ambient conditions provides seamless operation and maximised efficiency.
  • Proportional refrigeration circuit ensures precise discharge temperature control back to the data centre. The proportional operation uses just enough mechanical cooling to ensure discharge temperatures and minimise power consumption when mechanical cooling assist is required.

New ECO Calculator Demonstrates Power Protection Savings

The new Energy Savings Calculator from Riello UPS helps data centre managers, electrical contractors and consultants compare the green credentials of Riello uninterruptible power supplies to competitor systems and the European Code of Conduct for UPS Energy Efficiency.

According to a recent study by Datacenter Dynamics, Energy Efficiency, Power consumption and Total Cost of Ownership are all key areas of concern for Data Centre and IT managers*. With this in mind, Riello UPS have developed an online calculator to help these customers quickly see the range of savings that can be made by using Power Protection from Riello – even comparing the results against an average competitor model and the benchmarks set out by the European CoC (Code of Conduct) for UPS efficiency.

By simply selecting the size of UPS required, and setting the operating conditions, users can clearly see how Power Protection from Riello UPS performs in terms of:

· Difference in Power Consumption

· Annual Energy Savings in kWh

· Annual Cost Savings

· Pollutant emission reductions in KgCO2

“Our industry-first Energy Rating System is a useful, guick-glance guide to the efficiency of Riello’s UPS products,” commented Robin Koffler, General Manager for Riello UPS Ltd. “And with our new, on-line Calculator, clients can immediately see just how efficient our UPS are; how we can help reduce CO² emissions and save money, all whilst providing absolute power continuity”.

As an example, the calculator quickly works-out that a 100kVA MultiPlus MLT, running 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, carrying 75% load, would save an installation 9,766.83 kWh of energy annually compared to a rival model. This equates to 4,590.41 kgCO2 in pollutant emissions, or 1,465.02€ in energy costs that have been saved every year by choosing Power Protection from Riello UPS.

The new Energy Saving Calculator is part of a wider programme to make Riello UPS the most environmentally friendly power protection company in Europe. In addition to being the first UPS manufacturer to rate its products for energy efficiency, Riello UPS are actively involved in a range of other research & development programmes that concern the environment.

The Riello UPS Energy Saving Calculator can be accessed by selecting the hot link on the company homepage or by going directly to

*Parfitt, N. Western Europe versus North America: Some key differences. 26 Feb 2009. 06/10/2009

Going Green with The COOP

We have just completed a low energy lighting project for the COOP NDC, upgrading all lights in the warehousing and freezer areas with the latest T5 and LED lighting technologies and controls.
For the main warehousing we installed over 300 Dextra 4 x 55W T5 light fittings each with an individual PIR movement/dawn dusk sensor. The lights were programmed via a hand held controller from floor level and are set to dim down to 10% during periods of inactivity or high ambient light levels.
The freezers had over 150 90W Crompton LED high bays again with PIR controls.

The lighting has improved ambient lighting levels and has created a natural feel to the working environment. In addition to the quality of lighting our client has benefitted from considerable savings on their energy bills.

For a free survey please call 0161 480 0123.

Electricity Theft!…Read On…..

Disaster planning and management are difficult procedures to predict and to forestal.

Having to think about what might happen and what you can do to mitigate the risks is a challenge and educated guess at the best of times.

Just when you thought you had it all covered another new incident comes along and throws it all in the air again!!

A recent trend has been reported in the North West regarding the attempted theft and/or damage of utility transformers and generation equipment. The story was reported as follows: –

(1)Thousands of homes and businesses in Wigan were left without power last night, Wednesday 27 October 2010, when thieves broke into a substation and deliberately damaged two transformers.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the break-in on Westwood Lane.

Supplies were interrupted just after 10.30pm, and were restored to all properties, with the exception of one industrial premises, just after 11.15pm.

Around 55,000 properties were affected – the majority of homes in the Wigan area.

The cost of the damage is estimated to be at least £100,000.

The thieves stole metal valves from two transformers at the substation.

Detective Constable Richard Willoughby from Wigan CID said:

“I cannot believe the lengths that some people will go to in order to steal metal.

“These valves are not worth very much but the damage caused is enormous.

“If anyone saw anything suspicious in the area last night, please call the police so we can make the thieves face up to the inconvenience they have caused the residents of Wigan.”

Transformers are essential pieces of equipment used to reduce the high voltage electricity which comes from power plants to the lower voltage electricity used by homes and businesses.

Thousands of litres of oil were left to drain from the equipment by the thieves, but no environmental damage was caused and all the oil was contained within the site tanks.

Engineers from Electricity North West were able to restore supplies quickly by bringing electricity into Wigan via an alternative part of the network.

Engineers are continuing to carry out emergency repairs to the damaged equipment today, in efforts to avoid any further inconvenience to customers this evening.

Steve Cox, Operations Manager for Electricity North West said:

“This was a shockingly reckless act by thieves who had no thought for their own safety, and no regard for the thousands of customers who were inconvenienced by their actions.

“Through the quick response of our engineers, supplies were restored within the hour.

“We have been working throughout the night and the course of today to repair the equipment before the period of peak demand at tea time – when the alternative supply arrangement will be under considerable strain – in efforts to avoid any further disruption to supplies this evening.

“We can assure customers we are doing everything possible to avoid any further breaks in power.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Wigan CID on 0161 856 5308.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Reference: (1)Unknown Author, 28/10/10, Website, accessed 24/11/10

What would you do?

Would your Business cope?

Could your operation continue without power for prolonged periods?

What would it cost, both financially and professionally? Downtime, loss of production, missed targets, customer confidence.. The list goes on.

For free advice, site visit and design please get in touch today.

The New Look at SPS

Welcome to our new website!!

We hope you like it!

What’s it all been about?

Well, we’ve gone Green!!  But not literally….. We have introduced our “energy saving” green services throughout the site giving users a brief overview of the new Green Technologies available along with what service we can provide.

In addition,  we have simplified our site to make it easier on the eye and easier to navigate. We have also introduced new improved energy calculators to give you the tools to see just how much energy you can save. Going green has never been so easy!!

Our UPS section now includes a general overview of services and Generator back up systems. For clarity we decided to omit the previous UPS sizing wizard to keep the user experience as uncluttered as possible.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.