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Energy Management

At SPS we can audit, review and monitor your energy consumption on a temporary or permanent basis allowing you to implement efficiency and cost saving measures.

Energy Monitoring Management

Do you rely on your Utility Company to tell you what you use?

Do you know what power demands your site has and what patterns or trends are occurring?

Do you know the quality of the power being delivered and if it meets the required parameters?

SPS can help you “see” the “unseen” by using our sophisticated energy monitoring equipment and software.

Temporary Monitoring & Logging

If you want a “Snapshot” of your energy consumption we can install our temporary energy logging equipment to monitor your site and produce detailed reports and analysis showing your power quality, “actual” demand, trends and patterns.

The data collected shows “On & off “peak demand. In short it will give you a starting block to interrogate your site patterns and learn what energy you are using, where and when. This will give FM’s and Energy Managers the benchmark they need to prepare an action plan to implement saving measures for your site.

Permanent Monitoring & Logging

Working in conjunction with Schnieder Electric we can offer a fully integrated, automated monitoring and metering system to produce “real time” and “historical” data and analysis for electrical, gas and water services on site.

The system can be expanded to monitor numerous locations and systems giving FM and Energy Managers further insight into the demands and patterns for the site.

The Energy Management Software is HTML based and is intuitive and easy to use. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world (subject to encryption and password authentication).

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