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Low Energy Lighting

Energy saving light bulbs have always been a bright idea. At SPS we can consult on how to significantly reduce your power consumption costs through the use of low energy lighting.

Up to 90% savings can be achieved by introducing low energy lighting and controls to replace inefficient incandescent and discharge lighting. New LED and fluorescent technologies enable consumers to have high output with low energy input and greater control of lamp efficiency and longevity.

Key Areas of Consumption
Exterior Lighting
Warehouse Lighting
Office & General Lighting
Cost Effective Solutions
Low energy lighting & lamps
Lighting controls & automation
Longer lifespan and efficient output of lamps

High Efficiency Controls

New low energy lighting systems can now be designed using a fraction of the energy of their predecessors. In short, these systems will give you significantly more Lumens per Watt than what was possible only 12 months ago. These systems can be “fine tuned” using photocells, motion detectors and dimming controls to suit any application to maximise the savings possible.

Lamp Technology

New lamp technology means that some LED lamps can now have an expected life of up to 50,000 hours, that’s 10 years usage!! Even at the end of the life cycle they still emit 80% of the rated output.

They’re just as bright as normal bulbs, but far better for the environment and your pocket…

Cost Effective solutions
Higher Light Output
Lower energy cost
Lower maintenance costs (fewer re-lamping visits)
Carbon footprint reduction – tax breaks

Try Our Warehouse Lighting Calculator to see what you could save.