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Power Factor Correction

At SPS we can audit and consult on how to significantly reduce your power consumption through Power Factor Correction.

Power Factor Correction is the first port of call when maximising efficiency on your power network. PFC’s work by squeezing more out of every amp that is used on the system from 80% up to 99.9%, therefore improving efficiency of equipment and reducing power consumption.

Key Areas of Consumption
Air Conditioners & Air Handling Equipment
General Office Power
Workshop Power & Automation
Cost Effective Solutions
Power Factor Correction
Inverter Drives & High Efficiency Motors
BMS controls for AC & Air Handling
Use of Class A rated equipment, fridges, freezers, microwaves etc
No “stand by” – Full power off – when not in use – computers, monitors, printers etc
Thermographic Testing

Try Our Power Factor Calculator to see what you could save.

Power Saving Solutions

AC & Air Handling are power hungry systems that with simple controls can become much more efficient.

A simple assessment of controls, procedures and site habits can utilise and maximise the existing system to achieve financial savings. The key is control, the more controls implemented the higher efficiency and less cost in both energy and maintenance.

General Office Power can be reduced by introducing simple procedures for staff to fully power down and unplug equipment at the end of shifts or introduce “stand by” switchers or timers on plugs so that when the PC terminal is switched “off” it cuts power to all peripherals that are plugged in to the unit. Further savings can be made by using “A” rated electrical equipment

Workshop Power & Automation can be optimised by introducing annual Thermographic testing. Thermal Imaging can locate and forestall problems with electrical connections, unbalanced loads, mechanical friction wear and electrical overloads. Preventing costly breakdowns and enabling proactive maintenance.