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Thermographic testing

Stop guessing and start seeing with Thermographic Testing. We use the latest FLIR thermal Imaging cameras to assess the performance and efficiency of a variety of systems and machinery.

We use the latest FLIR thermal Imaging cameras to look at the following systems:

  • Electrical panels, trunkings and accessories
  • Mechanical conveyors, gearboxes and motors
  • IT Cabinets and Infrastructure

These areas form the primary areas we can look at, however once you start to think “thermally” you can assess other areas like insulation performance, tank and vessel fill levels etc.

What’s the point?

A thermal survey will give you an insight into the internal workings and inaccessible parts of the system/installation that are usually overlooked. These images can prove invaluable to guard against unforeseen failure and shut down, indicating “hot spots” where there may be loose connections on electrical cables and components or friction wear on bearings and motors.

At the very least the survey will give you a “benchmark” to assess the condition of equipment during operation. The data collected can then be used to assess the condition on subsequent visits. This valuable information can be used to forestall costly breakdowns and pre-plan emergency maintenance and repairs.

Will I be committed?

Our main objective is to highlight any problems and then offer constructive advice and if required a no obligation quote for any repairs or recommendations.


Save energy & money – Check for balanced phasing of Main electrical cables
Reduce fire risk and increase efficiency – Loose connections, overloaded equipment
Forestall breakdowns and/or failures
Save energy and money – Check gearboxes, motors and conveyor systems – High friction, bearing wear etc
Reduce fire risk and increase efficiency
Forestall breakdowns and/or failures
IT & Infrastructure
Highlight “hot spots” within racks and enclosures
Highlight overloads and or loose connections within IT equipment
Highlight poor ventilation and cooling within IT Room

The real benefit from this type of testing is that it is totally unobtrusive. No systems need to be shut down, or services stopped your business will not be interrupted. We simply point the camera and click. We produce detailed reports and analysis on what we have found with our conclusion and recommendations.

The reports may even entitle you to a reduction in your Buildings Insurance.

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